Silk plants are the ultimate houseplant. They don’t need water. They don’t need sun. From, you can have premium silk greenery at the ready and looking its absolute gorgeous best for decades without you having to do much of all.

Years ago, trends started shifting in interior design, home décor, real estate staging, and the general tastes of those passionate about décor. More and more people started becoming interested in plants, real and faux. Today, the insides of many homes and businesses have at minimum one or two plants somewhere, often more.

Some of us adore the look of plants but struggle on how to incorporate greenery into our properties. Let’s say, you aren’t the best at keeping indoor houseplants alive or don’t want to assign someone the responsibility of caring for it. You shouldn’t worry. You can still have the wild, saturated plant landscape of your dreams when you buy silk plants in bulk at your favourite premium faux plants brand.

Why Buy Silk Plants In Bulk

If you’ve looked at premium faux plants before, the price can be surprising. Most people are accustomed to shopping fairly cheap artificial plants from Walmart, Amazon, and the like. The plants there are generally made from low-quality materials, rarely look like the real thing, and aren’t held in high regard.

Compare that to a specialty brand like Artiplanto. It’s a night and day difference. The premium materials. Designs are crafted by hand and hand-painted. Entire teams have worked on the realism of these luxury-grade silk plants and the result is identical to the real thing. This is why homeowners, office managers, interior designers, home decorators, hotels, restaurants, and commercial businesses always rely on buying in bulk from brands like Artiplanto compared to shopping at lesser-quality stores.

Another reason to buy faux greenery like this is you keep it simple. When you buy silk plants wholesale or buy artificial plants in bulk, you save on shipping and orders are often bundled together.

Is It Worth It To Buy Faux Plants Over Real?

We hear this question a lot. Primarily from people who are buying their very first silk plant. With artificial plants in bulk, they’re often being bought because it’s not possible to take care of an authentic, real plant in its place.

  • An interior designer or home décor expert isn’t a botanist. They’re there to decorate, not take care of greenery. A silk plant fits this setting perfectly. It’s home décor with no responsibility.
  • In a business, such as a hotel or restaurant, staff are already extremely busy and the conditions needed for a real plant to thrive aren’t always there. Sunlight, in particular, is very little in some places.
  • If you plan to re-sell or gift plants or greenery, you don’t want what you’ve bought to die or look less than its best. A premium artificial plant is a lot more predictable than a real one.
  • In real estate staging, if a realtor has multiple homes they’re looking after, they don’t necessarily want to be running around watering plants all day.

If you are looking to buy silk plants in bulk, please visit today. Putting in an order’s easy and our customer service is on the ball to help with any questions. See a wide variety of indoor and outdoor silk plants perfect for every setting, and buy them at a competitive price through
Pedro Capitao de Salles