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Article: What Should You Buy For A Long-Lasting Christmas Gift in 2020

What Should You Buy For A Long-Lasting Christmas Gift in 2020

What Should You Buy For A Long-Lasting Christmas Gift in 2020

Have you ever tested a loved one’s appreciation with a lacklustre gift that failed to impress – yeah, we’ve all been there.

Re-gifting or wrapping a gift where your heart isn’t really set on it is to give a gift destined to be forgotten about.

None of us want to receive or give gifts that are just going to be tucked away into a closet somewhere and probably never used.

Who needs clutter – no one! A long-lasting Christmas gift seems much more reasonable and logical to aim for.

So what sort of gift lasts the longest – the kind that gets used regularly. A functional product or meaningful gift that you know is going to have some resonance beyond the moment in which a gift is given is where to set your attention to.

Here are some Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones that can get some daily use.


Theme-matching is all about looking at existing home décor and buying a gift that matches what’s already there.

Not every household has a defined aesthetic but some do. At the bare minimum, there are some colors and patterns to draw from which can be helpful in selecting décor or interior design elements.

This can be as simple as a throw or bedding set to something for the dining room table. Opportunities may or may not exist in places like these.

You may look towards an interest like gardening and seek to encourage them with a faux plant.

Theme-matching is an art but it’s one that can be easily learned and there are plenty of long-lasting gifts in this realm.

Home Tech

Sticking with the theme of helping the home, tech can also make for a nice gift. That said, you must know who you’re buying for.

Smart home security tech, for example, isn’t necessarily going to be a hit with someone who doesn’t value it.

There are plenty of home tech that’s worth having a look at, from robot vacuums to coffee makers, small kitchen appliances, essential oil diffusers, steam cleaners, and so much more.

Faux Plants

A great home décor item are faux plants. They’re not a very big risk gift-wise and aren’t the commitment of a real plant.

Silk plants for homes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from small tabletop plants to larger artificial plants.

There are also all sorts of pots, planters, and baskets to mix and match with, in addition to combining different fake plants into an almost sort-of mini-garden. There’s an endless array of possibilities!


Fashion goes beyond the non-risk of theme-matching and requires one to really know the someone they’re buying for.

Fashion can mean something they are, an item they’re going to use around the house, or an accessory.

This is probably the riskiest category of gift-buying one can do. However, if you know someone’s personal style or you’re aware they’ve been chasing after something specific, you may be able to pull this one off.

For some of the best premium-made commitment-free artificial plants that make for the perfect Christmas gift in 2020, visit ArtiPlanto today.

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