Chaotic, lush, and lovely hanging plants are everything an indoor gardener wants. 

Elements like hanging plants can present in so many different ways, from wild and free to independent and structured.

Indoor plants create atmosphere in a way that artwork and accent furniture can’t. They bring dimension and liveliness and can do so even in low-light with the right selection of fake hanging plants.

When searching for hanging plants that speak to your interior design style and personal preferences, here’s a list of what we think looks best indoors.


Something like a Bird’s Nest Fern has ripple-edged fronts that grow out like a crown. The unfortunate thing about ferns is they require humidity to do their thing. This is where artificial hanging plants can be more beneficial than the real thing.


Peperomia has characteristic round fleshy leaves. The plant’s leaves were designed to retain water for survival. Peperomia plants tend to reach for the sun which is a behaviour one will want to mimic with an indoor artificial plant.

Marble Pothos

Marble Pothos is an exquisite silk hanging plant for indoors. Its variegated leaf and vines extend outwards and climb and climb. A lot of beginners looking for a real indoor garden often select Marble Pothos for these reasons. As a faux plant, you virtually can’t tell the difference between the real thing and its handcrafted, premium-made artificial counterpart.


Orchids can carry some very unique shapes that spark interest on first appearances. They are incredibly common in indoor gardens that feature color. Unfortunately, orchids aren’t always blooming. When they are, they look beautiful. When they aren’t, it’s a waiting game. Consider setting yourself up with an artificial orchid or faux hanging plant as an alternative. As you’ll find, there are more reliable ways to add color to greenery indoors than waiting for a bloom.

Ceropegia Woodii

Ceropegia Woodii, aka String of Hearts, is a succulent that grows out vines that resemble a literal string of hearts. The downside to this plant is that it is notoriously tough to take care of since watering has to be done on a strict schedule and the conditions in which they live are very specific. That said, when you have a silk plant version of a Ceropegia Woodii, you don’t have to worry about any of that.

Scindapsus Pictus

Scindapsus Pictus, aka the Silver Philodendron, is one of the best indoor hanging plants. It’s a trailing plant that’s identifiable by its wiry vines and dark green leaves with silver splotches artistically adorning them. In the wild, these grow and grow and grow. The vines sprawl everywhere. In an indoor garden, they can be used to present in much the same way.

No matter how you choose to create your indoor garden or to present hanging plants, the possibilities are endless. At the end of the day, even if you’ve had bad luck in gardens, faux hanging plants are realistic-looking and require nothing to keep them looking their best. Shop artificial hanging plants and more today with ArtiPlanto.

Alexandru Popa