We all underestimate the beauty of decorating with faux plants. Strategically placing a faux plant while designing a home or office can brighten the ambiance drastically. 

Faux plants not only have revolutionized the whole decor scene when it comes to internal design — they have taken things to the next level. As they instantly bring in natural elements and add the wow factor, we all yearn for while decorating. 

If you are someone who loves plants and are thinking of decorating with faux plants below are some simple tips to help you bring to life that dream decor idea. 

Creating an illusion

It is simpler than you may think, so don’t worry too much and be open to experiment. While decorating always be wary of a few placement tips to create the illusion that your artificial plant is real. 

Placement is key when it comes to creating the desired outcome so make sure to place the faux plant where you would ideally place a real plant. Choose plants that look and feel natural and display that natural colour vibe. Also place them in spots that natural lighting falls on them to further augment your decor scene. 


You want to make things look as natural as possible, to help establish that — use faux plants that have stems of different sizes and can be bent, fluffed. 

Choose various sizes of stems is key because in reality not all stems grow at the same pace. So the varied stem sizes help create a natural look as — some flop over, some stand straight while others spread out and face different directions. Also make sure to separate leaves and flowers from each other because if they are too close it's a dead giveaway that the plant is not real. 

Add extras

We all cannot agree on less is more but sometimes simple small additions can make a difference so don’t be afraid to make those decisions. Choose small complimenting pieces like moss and stone to add when the faux plant is potted. 

The best place to add faux moss or stones is at the top of the planter so it adds a vibrant natural texture. You can put crunched up paper to fill the space and then stone or moss at the top. Also moss and stone will not wilt away so they are great for visual appeal. 


Baskets are by far everyones’ go to when it comes to pairing with faux plants as they add a natural look. If you like seagrass baskets choose tones that will blend in well with the furniture in your decor.

If you want to add that instant pop then colourful pots in various sizes are a great addition too. Again don’t go too crazy with bold colours — choose something that blends in well. Bowls are also an excellent choice, group multiple bowls together with small faux plants like succulents or place them on a bookshelf or coffee table to add glamour. 

Alexandru Popa