Stress in a workspace is sometimes unavoidable. Phone calls, meetings, emails — they all start to catch up. One of the best proven ways to deal with stress effectively is to take some time to indulge in nature amidst the serenity of plants to relax and reset. 

So when decorating your workspace always consider plants as they can not only be fun, but rewarding in many ways. They help boost productivity, spread happiness and create a calmer space. 

If you have a love hate relationship with real plants, faux plants are a great choice for any office. As faux plants do not demand any special care other than occasional dusting. Below are some recommendations of artificial plants to keep your office environment alive and thriving. 

Hanging plants 

Attaching plants to the ceiling, hanging pots (or mounting them on posts), is a great way to place faux plants in any office space. Many offices choose hanging faux plants as they help create a natural space without giving up valuable floor space.

Always keep in mind to install hanging office plants in low-traffic areas like corners and in spots above medium-height furniture like filing cabinets.

Low-light plants

Lighting is always one of the many things to manage in an office space. Workplaces with little to no natural light call for very special indoor faux plants. Low-light office plants can boost morale for teams that work in dark, enclosed spaces. 

One of the indoor faux plants is the snake plant, which illuminates any work space with its vibrant colours. The Snake Plant’s long, flat leaves look awesome with all sorts of pots and planters.

Choose uniqueness

There is nothing like a succulent, that adds a unique charm. It’s dark green leaves almost instantly create a welcoming environment in any workspace. 

Choose succulents in various sizes as each one has its own charm to kill boredom. Spreading out succulents across the workspace helps create the unique vibe we all yearn for. 

Flowering plants 

If colour is what your workspace craves for adding Peace Lilies, Bromeliads, Orchids is a great idea. As they help bring much needed colour to bleak and boring office environments. 

Glass treatment 

There is something about glass that helps create a stunning yet subtle ambiance. Tiny terrariums are an excellent accent to combine with your plants and make for fascinating conversation pieces in any workspace.

No matter which artificial plants you choose, they help create a great vibe to help your employees to relax. This could further help boost long-term morale, retention and creativity. 

Faux plants in the office also provide a welcoming environment from the busy workplace  but don’t ask a lot in return. An office with a touch of green, with the help of artificial plants might just be the change you need!

Alexandru Popa