Silk plants have a certain elegant charm that cannot be found in any other kind of plants — which makes them the best choice especially when decorating a workspace. 

Whether you are looking to add a natural vibe or create a modern look subtly by including silk plants for office decor scene without investing too much time or money? Fear not read on to discover some creative ways to accessorize your office but adding a bit of greenery and choosing the right silk plants for office. 


What better way than to compliment your decor with some natural, handmade baskets. They look great indoors as well as outdoors.They also help to hide the hideous looking starter pots silk plants often come along with. Plus you can never have too many baskets as they come in so many different sizes and shapes. 


Make a simple yet stylish statement by using styling bags. It's hard to believe, but there are some amazingly printed as well as plain coloured storage bags — that are are great way to show off plants in your office.  it may be tempting to flaunt all the prints and may be very easy to get overboard when using stylish bags so keep things simple. 


Whether you are looking to make a bold and dramatic statement or simply group small plants together — pots really work well. In a workspace, especially as they are a great way of decorating, to create clusters of favourite objects to narrate a great story. 

Pots also work well to add some colour and texture to a bland decor scheme in a meeting or boardroom.


There is no doubt about it, that frames are a very elegant way to flaunt artificial plants in your decor as they make a great backdrop on dark walls as well as brass accents. 

Further, as there are many materials which are used to make frames it is very easy to find one that will suit your office space. Since creativity is key when it comes to using framing plants — less is more. Always use the perfect blend of colour and texture when it comes of framing plants.  

Hanging pots 

If you are looking to adopt something that does not fade with time in your office then hanging pots are a great investment. They resonate a more rustic yet modern look and there are a variety of plants that look great in them. 

We choosing a spot for putting hanging pots choose a dim corner in a room or lunch area as they help to brighten things up and add a natural setting instantly. 

So there you have it, the 5 easy ways listed above can help you style your office anyway you want with artificial plants and the best part is without spending a lot of money. Just remember to treat your office plants with a casual dusting and trimming them to look flawless. 

Alexandru Popa