Fake plants are an amazing way to add a splash of color, texture to any home. Faux plant arrangements bring a pleasant vibe of serenity and nature into your home without any added hassle maintenance. 

Like real plants artificial plants do require some regular cleaning, to ensure their charm and look does not fade and deteriorate. To make sure fake plants are maintained well always include dusting them thoroughly in your weekly plans. Also when using cleaning products test them in a small patch to avoid any long term damage to the plant. Read on to follow some pro cleaning tips to ensure your artificial plants look flawless for a long time. 

  • Cleaning supplies
  • In order to thoroughly maintain faux plants and ensure they are dirt and dust-free choosing the right cleaning supplies and equipment is very important. Some of the most common tools are ammonia D, a quality cleaning microfiber cloth, and a few rags, but if you want to maintain prestine clean artificial plants the supplies below are a must addition. 

    1. Depending on the size and the material of the artificial plants it is recommended to invest in a good quality durable feather duster as it helps to gently dust away any debris of dust and foreign particles that may cause damage to artificial plants. 
    2. Vacuum cleaner works really well to ensure all the dust is blown away from the artificial plants and they are protected. So make sure to invest in something that is lightweight yet robust. 
    3. Sometimes paint brushes come in handy to remove dust from the artificial plants in hard to reach spots and a few gentle strokes can get the job done. 
  • Dusting
  • Always begin the cleaning process by properly removing dust, dirt from the artificial plants as this will allow them to improve their appearance and longevity in the long run. As there are several ways to remove dust from artificial plants some of the best ways we recommend are as follows; 

    1. Always start dusting by using a feather duster to dust the artificial plant. Begin from the foliage and then go along the entire plant by making sweeping strokes with a paintbrush if needed to remove any excess dust.
    2. If using a vacuum cleaner for dusting make sure to use the right kind of brush. Thoroughly remove all the dust and debris by blowing it away and collecting with the help of the strong air suction mechanism of the vacuum cleaner. 
    3. If you are using a dry microfiber cloth always wipe down gently starting from the leaves, stems, and then the pot to loosen and release all dust particles before using a wet rag or cloth. 
    4. When spraying artificial plants with a water hose always use lukewarm water and spray with a hose once all the dust is removed first. 

  • Drying 
  • Once you have done proper dusting of the artificial plant making sure everything is dry is very important. The best way is to let the artificial plant air dry or if needed wipe it down with a clean, dry cloth. 

    Clean indoor fake plants regularly to ensure they are dirt-free and you can incorporate this into your normal weekly cleaning routine to increase their longevity. 

    Alexandru Popa