Faux plants have been around for several decades, but their popularity in recent years has surged. This is due to many reasons and also because faux plants are a great accessory which compliments our fast paced lifestyle and look better than real plants. 

Although it may sound very contradictory, more than real plants faux flowers and plants are actually blooming more than ever. Like every other decor item even faux plants too are making an impression into the trend scene in 2020. Further they also bring, beauty and calmness into any decor. Read on to read the top four trends to keep in mind when it comes to faux plants in 2020

Green Foliage

Greenery is the best way to bring in natural elements in any atmosphere.  This is one of the many trends, that will not fade away with time. So it’s only natural that greenery is very popular. Always remember when decorating with faux flower for every flower, use three plants to compliment the decor. 

One of the best plant when it comes to choosing the best green foliage, the fiddle leaf fig plant is a great option. 


Their appearance makes them perfect for any decor. Further as they are available in various sizes they can be put in any place. Placing succulents indoors can be a bit tricky, however if you are looking to choose something better than the real deal. When placing succulents indoors, place them near a window that is exposed to light all day. If this isn’t an option, try placing succulents near the brightest window or brightest area.

Strategic placement 

As a rule of thumb when styling with fake plants always place them in out- of sight or hard to reach places.  Some of the ways is to hang plants, place plants in baskets or as accents on shelves in a vase — as this will ensure a creative way to place the strategically. 

Mixing dried flowers 

Can you mix artificial flowers with dried flowers? Don’t be afraid to experiment. As there are many ways and new tricks, styles when it comes to flower arrangement. Real flower bouquets can be expensive which fade with time — however by mixing things will create a creative impression in any decor. 

Just remember only because faux plants don’t need water,dirt or sunlight faux plants need a bit of care. Keeping faux plants dust free, can help to ensure they look timeless.

Alexandru Popa