Imagine the perfect bedroom. A comfortable bed. Soft sheets. A light close by. A cute bedside table.

There’s something missing though. A bedroom isn’t a bedroom without a little personality in it. Artificial plants are something you can add to your sanctuary to create a spectacular green space.

Think of what you want to surround yourself with when you’re resting and recharging. Fake greenery offers hints of natural beauty and tranquility. Most important, they require very little maintenance and care. All you have to do is sit them where you value them most.

Why Faux is Better Than Real

Your bedroom isn’t a garden. Every day, you don’t have the time to water everything, set the temperature, and ensure the plants that need a lot of light have it. Real plants can be finicky. Fake plants aren’t.

Brighten Up Dark Areas of the Room

Unfortunately, not every bedroom is exceptionally lit. If yours isn’t, use an artificial plant in the darker parts of the room. A hint of green can brighten up an otherwise drab and gloomy bedroom. It’s almost like a beauty-lamp.

Use Them As Sculptures

An artificial plant like a Sansevieria has a lot of body and shape to it. This makes it possible to essentially create a sculpture from it. Positioned on a table, at the foot of your bed, by the entranceway, or reaching out from a corner, the more shapely fake plants can add a lot to bedrooms that don’t already have a wide variety of textures or shapes.

Enliven Bare Spaces

When it comes to faux plants for bedrooms, a common approach is to keep them out of your way. Use them in a decoration capacity only. If it’s a larger room with some bare spaces, an artificial plant on a dresser or small table can put excitement in areas that might not have very much going on.

They’re Independent

Though you can have multiple fake plants inside your bedroom, we recommend keeping a separation between them. An artificial plant has the opportunity to make an impact. In that, minimalism is a central rule. When plants are grouped in an arrangement or are positioned closely together without a reason, it takes away from this impact. You lose the naturalness of their beauty.

Use Your Bedroom Window

A silk plant in your bedroom window adds shadows, plays with light, and crafts a texture a bedroom wouldn’t normally have. Though you can position a fake plant on a windowsill, it’s arguably a more interesting position to take when they are hanging down with vines cascading down.

When to Use A Fake Tree in A Bedroom

A great fake plant décor idea, use a faux tree to add color, shape, and architecture into an empty area. A fake tree fits nicely behind a bed or in a corner. Use the wire in the stems to angle and reach the tree to where you want. A large amount of foliage will add an eco-friendly atmosphere to the room and be a key talking point with visitors. It’s unique. It’s different.

Bedrooms have become a go-to setting for fake plants. Head on over to our selection to see the wide variety of plants, all premium-designed and handcrafted. Bring in your favourite artificial plants courtesy of ArtiPlanto and create a trendy, inspirational bedroom in seconds!
andrew lu