The art of home décor with faux plants is something that comes with experience in interior decorating.

Artificial plants are a carefree way to self-express in a home and garden that’s searching for something unique.

They add beauty. They brighten the room. Fake plants are stimulating when placed in the right areas. Even plant lovers can’t deny the power of silk plants and their ability to change a room’s dynamic.

As a novice home décor expert, learning how to decorate with fake plants comes down to remembering the basics.

Buy Silk And No Plastics

Plastic plants look fake. Silk plants look real. As a simple statement, that’s what it comes down to. High-quality faux plants are easier to clean, are easier to ply and bend into shape, and look identical to their real counterpart.

Baskets, Planters, and Dirt

When decorating with fake plants, use real dirt if you can. Choose a planter or basket that represents you. You may want to blend in some moss or rocks depending on the plant type. Creativity from a designer can really come out by selecting a container and presentation that blends in with the room.

Place Plants in Natural Light

Put your artificial plants in a place that a real plant would be able to successfully grow. Natural light sources and presenting them in a way they can get semi-direct sunlight is important. For darker corners and places that don’t receive a lot of light, these aren’t areas to place a real-looking plant.

Bend And Angle Towards the Sun

An underrated home decor idea is to imitate real behaviours. With any silk plant, you can shape the branches and leaves and point them towards the sun. This imitates real greenery. This further presents the narrative to guests that they’re looking at a real plant and not a fake one.

Tabletop Artificial Plants on Furniture

Small tabletop faux plants can be placed everywhere, from a bookshelf to the kitchen countertop, dining room table, on top of an armoire, or elsewhere. Fill corners of the room with artificial plants. Dress up drab furniture. Add pops of greenery to places where real, living plants would be difficult to maintain.

Mix Artificial Plants with Real Live Greenery

A great fake plant idea is to mix in some easy-to-care-for live greenery. Combining silk plants, greenery, and other garden-friendly elements can trick a guest into believing everything’s real. You can create a truly stunning impact by mixing in the unpredictability and authenticity of beautiful real plants with artificial plants.

Brighten Up Darker Rooms

We did say darker corners should be avoided with fake plants. While this is true, sometimes you can break this rule – sort of – by filling in a basement, bathrooms, and tough-to-light rooms with fake plants. You don’t want to build a whole garden. However, one or two carefully placed artificial plants can be mixed in with some bright lights and colors to create a whole new atmosphere.

To us, fake plants are as close to the real thing as there is. Easy home décor ideas like these can dress up any household and give you a jumping-off point for decorating with faux plants. Find premium, handcrafted artificial plants from ArtiPlanto and get started on your interior decor journey today.

Alexandru Popa