Do you yearn to add lush, green trees to your room but don’t want to risk having a real tree growing indoors - you can have it! An artificial tree, also sometimes referred to as a silk tree, is identical to the real thing and they’re used today in all sorts of environments, from malls and restaurants to outdoors and luxury homes.

Here are some of the best artificial trees in 2022 to buy. Add green to your property without any upkeep.

Silk Monstera Plant

A silk Monstera plant has those classic Monstera leaves and can reach upwards of ten feet in height when crafted in a tree format. Monsteras are a very popular houseplant, however, the growth can be an issue in some environments. With an artificial Monstera plant, you’re never wondering how far down you have to chop a stem or be disappointed at its growth. It’s an absolutely stunning silk tree.

Silk Bird Of Paradise Plant

A silk Bird of Paradise plant has big, long finger-like leaves that can be shaped and reshaped according to the area in which it sits. If there was ever a contest for most popular artificial tree, Bird of Paradise plants may be at the top of the list. Just look at the little bits of color towards its center and the gorgeous greenery that fills the room.

Silk Banana Tree Plant

A silk banana tree plant is very unique, eye-catching faux plant design. A staggeringly high artificial tree, the banana tree has some exquisitely detailed leaves and looks extraordinary surrounded by the right décor and furniture.

Silk Fiddle Leaf Plant

A silk fiddle leaf plant is typically purchased in a far smaller shape. This is one plant with quite a range, from being cut down to a tabletop shape under twelve inches or capable of being extended to ten feet in height and even higher.

Silk Palm Tree Plant

A silk palm tree plant is tall, beautiful, and energetic. Its fronds and leaves that move out and radiate from its base communicate a tropical feel. A silk palm tree plant will work in almost any décor or interior design aesthetic.

Silk Draecena Tree Plant

A silk draecena tree plant is wild, pointy, and can be as chaotic or controlled as the person shaping it wants. If you’re searching for a faux tree to put inside somewhere you want to feel creative, thought-provoking, and inspiring, the silk draecena plant supports out-of-the-box thinking.

Silk Olive Tree Plant

A silk olive tree plant has a very thin look. The trunk is quite smooth and up towards its top are collections of leaves that are remarkable in how realistic the detail is. Any time we’re curating a list of the best fake plants for anything, it’s hard not to include the artificial olive tree.

Shop the most realistic, premium, and best artificial trees in 2022 from today. They’re on sale right now all month long. It’s a great time to buy a few silk trees for your home or business.
Pedro Capitao de Salles