It takes work keeping a plant living, breathing, and happy. Once you have three, four, or more plants, it can turn into its own little part-time job to get everything just right. Watering. Pruning stems. Ensuring there’s enough sunlight. Feeding the soil. As therapeutic as it is, it’s a lot of responsibility.

Here are 9 faux plants you don’t need to worry about. Ignore them. Neglect them. They’re not going anywhere.

Faux Olive Tree

A faux olive tree can help polish up any dark corner of the room or area where it feels like something’s missing.

Faux Cactus Plant

Faux cactus plants are an easy solution to dying plants. They add presence and life with no droopiness. No need to water, feed, or move this baby around trying to find the right amount of sunlight.

Faux Sansevieria Plant

An artificial sansevieria snake plant is visually striking with its top-reaching leaves and mixture of greens spread across each leaf. You will love putting your snake plant on display, attracting attention for guests and roommates alike.

Faux Hanging Plant

Sure to make a statement, a faux hanging plant is easier to manage than its real counterpart. Perfect for a kitchen or similar public area, guests will be aching to know what it is, how you manage it, and where they can find a similar one.

Faux Korea Bamboo Plant

How you manage to keep a faux bamboo plant looking so good is simply by the occasional dusting. Unlike real plants, the biggest threat to silk plants is just dust. Another trendy 2021 faux plant, the bamboo plant or fake bamboo tree is well worth inclusion on this list.

Faux Fern Plant

Line up a faux tabletop plant like an artificial fern plant or spread a few ferns across a property. Trendy and expressive, they can transform your space into feeling like a little oasis away from home.

Faux Monstera Plant

Add a pop of greenery to your room with a faux Monstera tree plant. Monstera leaves are beautiful natural-inspired inventions, ideal for next to a bookshelf, beside a work-from-home ergonomic desk, or left on its own devices to show off.

Faux Hawaii Kwai Palm Plant

A faux Hawaii Kwai palm plant is the ultimate tropical tree. As a houseplant, you won’t have to worry about this beauty fading, wilting, or dying any time soon. It’s going to look great for decades, perfect for the corner of a kitchen, office, bedroom, or even outdoors.

Faux Travellers Palm Tree

You will feel like you’re living in the tropics surrounded by so much greenery like this. A faux travellers palm tree is slightly unlike your average palm tree aesthetic but still offers a summer-friendly tropical vibe.

We’re happy to have rounded up this quick list of favourite houseplants to bring some of the season into your home. Shop these 9 faux plants and hundreds of others at Artiplanto. From the intricate detail to the more subtle charms of various varieties, no premium artificial plant requires any work on your end. Find a place for it and admire it. That’s it.

Andrew Lu