Fake plants are having a moment. More long-lasting than their real-life counterparts, faux greenery is getting a lot of attention in interior design and home décor circles. Realistic-looking artificial plants from brands like Artiplanto are in high demand and are proving to be more advantageous than budget-friendly cheap faux plants from IKEA and Amazon. Here are 7 types of people who will love having artificial plants as décor.


A senior who loves gardening and plants but doesn’t always have the energy to take care of theirs can find great joy in receiving a faux plant gift. Birthdays. The winter holidays. For Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, or just as a simple gesture of love any time during the year. A high-quality artificial plant is a beautiful gift to give.


As the classrooms continue to reopen with the passing of the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers looking to stylize their rooms are advised to check out the impact that faux plants can have. Lifelike and non-toxic, artificial plants are safe to have around people of every age and encourage an interest in the environment.

Plant Killers

Plant killers. A rough name. We all know those kinds of people. You might even be one and nothing’s wrong with that! For people who can’t seem to keep a plant alive but are addicted to the look of plants, they can still have that with artificial plants as décor. The only TLC for faux plants involves the occasional wiping for dust. It’s terribly easy.

Pet Owners

A lot of plants are toxic to pets. A dog or cat doesn’t know that though. They eat a leaf, get stomach upset, and then have to be taken to the vet. Premium faux plants are non-toxic, as mentioned. If a pet chews on a leaf, you don’t have to worry about a poisoning. Whether they have a green thumb or not, you can’t have toxic pets in a house with young children or pets. There’s always a risk.

Anyone Stressed

Artificial plants are anti-stress, anti-anxiety, and offer a calming presence. That’s why they’re featured in the décor of high-stress environments like hospitals, corporate lobbies, and government buildings, such as courtrooms. No matter where you are, a fake plant has a similar effect.

Office Workers

It’s a fake plant myth to assume they don’t offer a lot of the same benefits as real plants. An artificial plant in a work-from-home office or corporate office improves productivity, can calm anxiety, and can make us happier. There is something about plants that make a lot of us subconsciously want to be around them and when we are, we are generally more productive.

Young Professionals

Young professionals are hustling day-in and day-out, always on the move. They’re sometimes travelling for work. Caring for a plant at home is totally unrealistic. A faux plant in a condo of someone who works and/or travels frequently gives them the benefit of being around greenery without having to maintain it with watering, rotating, light, temperature, and nutrients in the soil.

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Andrew Lu