Aesthetics are one thing. Attraction is another. Life from all backgrounds is built off attraction.

What we attract has a lot to do with what’s surrounding us. If you want to be healthy, eating healthy foods and engaging in healthy habits is what’s needed. Whatever it is you want – love, wealth, etc. – some will say can be manifested based off of having the right influences around you.

Strong, healthy plants are living and breathing. They attract luck, riches, and good health to households. They purify the air. The right plants can give a person the balance and focus to achieve everything they want for themselves. Here is our recommended list of 6 plants to bring wealth, love, and health to you and your home.


Palms attract luck. They also grow sizeable which makes them a great way to divide a room. Breezy, tropical palms add a feel we don’t have in North America. Add a calm, relaxing atmosphere to your home with a palm tree plant.


Pachira is known as the ‘Money Tree’ or ‘Money Plant’. The long-held belief is that a Pachira brings to its own good luck and that it attracts wealth. A plant native to South America, any Pachira money trees are often braided together. They usually come in sets of three or five. As tradition states, avoid the number four.


Whether it’s a fake bamboo plant or the real thing, bamboo is highly regarded as a symbol of good fortune. The Chinese call bamboo ‘Fu Gwey Zhu’ which translates to ‘Luck and Fortune, Power and Honour, Bamboo’. In Asian culture, bamboo is believed to help bring balance and harmony to the five Feng Shui elements which are Fire, Earth, Wood, Water, and Metal. When setting up a bamboo plant, always place it east if you’re focusing on family or southeast for wealth.

Jade Plant

Jade plants are considered a door to prosperity and success. A common gift to new business owners, jades are medium-sized plants and are a lovely way to spruce up an entranceway. The best place to put them is considered the entrance. If taking care of a real jade isn’t of interest, there are many faux plants – from jade to potted orchids – that look identical to the real thing. Search out your own.

Snake Plant

Snake plants, aka Mother-in-Law’s tongue, absorb poisonous gases and eliminate toxins from the air. They also exude protective energy and will shield households from negativity. If you are suffering from a lot of bad things happening in your life, consider a snake plant. Even an artificial snake plant will still provide this same sort of protection.

Rubber Plant

Rubber plants have round leaves – a key feature of money and prosperity in Feng Shui plants. Rubber plants don’t have to be arranged in any specific way to provide guidance through austerity and opportunity. Place your rubber plant anywhere in the home to foster fortune, abundance, and wealth.

Plants are beautiful beings but they can be a lot to take care of. There’s nothing worse than allowing a wealth-attracting plant to suffer and slowly die. Doing so will attract the exact opposite of what you want. Get all the vibes of the real thing without the commitment. For silk plants, artificial plants, and more good luck plants, visit ArtiPlanto.


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