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Article: 4 Small Indoor Plants for Apartment Living

4 Small Indoor Plants for Apartment Living

4 Small Indoor Plants for Apartment Living

Tight quarters means every style decision counts. Choosing a trendy artificial plant for your apartment adds natural-looking greenery, vibrant shapes and colors, and brings a little bit of outside aesthetic inside.

For indoor plants, you can go as big, beautiful, and majestic as you want with standing potted options, or use smaller tabletop plants to fill empty, drab corners or as a finishing touch to designated areas.

Some popular areas to add small apartment artificial plants include the nightstand, your dining table, or on a shelf. Cute plants in unexpected places add visual interest and hang some personality around. It’s exactly what apartment living needs!

Even if you’re working with very little space, there are still many faux indoor plants that work. Sans taking up a large portion of the room, you can still surround yourself with authentic, real artificial plants. Here are some of the best small indoor plants for apartment living from the experts at ArtiPlanto.

Palm Tree Artificial Plants

When we think ‘palm tree’, naturally we think about them as being very large. They don’t necessarily have to be, especially with faux plants. If you want to add some tropical vibes to a space, you can with small palm plants.

Notoriously difficult to care for, you don’t need to do anything when it’s an artificial plant. In an apartment, it simply sits there and does its job looking its best for days on end. In the dead of winter, a potted artificial palm tree will help liven up any cold space.

Faux Snake Plants

Faux snake plants are small, perfect for tabletops, and climb vertically towards the ceiling. Perceptively, they help to add more height to a space and look very visually intriguing.

With how they’re made, you’d never know one of ArtiPlanto’s faux snake plants was in fact artificial and not real. It’s one of our favourites and adds abstractedness to spaces while resembling its best year-round. For a trendy, fashionable Instagram-ready artificial plant, an artificial snake plant is the way to go.

Small Fern Artificial Plants

Though there are bigger ferns out there, small tabletop-sized ferns are a favourite small indoor plant for apartment living. They look light, bright, and airy. Ferns will not overwhelm on appearance and they can be shaped to suit almost any indoor arrangement.

When it comes to artificial plants, a lot of people will go grabbing a succulent-like option. For adventurous, wilder faux plants, a fern can add a perspective of unpredictability and natural growth that is sometimes lost in the design of other plants.

Faux Aloe Plants

Aloe vera plants and aloe trees are a part of the succulent family. Like all succulents, they work incredibly well in small, tight apartments and they don’t clash with any interior design appearances you may already have going on.

If you’re looking for small potted plants that are handy to have around, you can’t go wrong choosing faux aloe plants. This is the sort of visual look you want to search for when looking at indoor plants for apartments.

ArtiPlanto has dozens of apartment-ready artificial plants ready to be set up on any table, bookshelf, or countertop. Faux plants don’t have any need for drainage, shade, soil, or food. There’s no better option for stylish décor than artificial plants for apartments. Shop yours from ArtiPlanto today.

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