Whether you are someone who likes plants or just yearning to add something lush green in your home — Fiddle Leaf Fig tree is the best solution. In comparison to other faux plants it is impossible to fall in love with the Fiddle Leaf Fig?

Read Fiddle Leaf Fig gets its name because of its appearance which is similar to the fiddle instrument. 

  • Bold 
  • If you are looking to make a bold statement by making a simple addition to your decor scene? Adding a faux fiddle leaf fig tree is the best solution as it does not demand a lot of attention and is an instant charmer.

  • Cleaning
  • The most common problem with maintaining a fiddle leaf fig tree is easily attracts dust. So cleaning it with a soft cloth and warm water is the best way to help keep a fiddle  leaf tree looking flawless. 

  • Evergreen
  • There are many options when it comes to bringing in some natural elements to any decor scene and a fiddle leaf fig tree is the instant splash of evergreen beauty. 

  • Location 
  • Like every faux plant placing a fiddle leaf fig tree in the right spot of your home or office is very important. Ideally one of the best ways to attract attention it is highly recommended to place a faux fiddle leaf fig tree in the living room or bedroom as it instantly fades boredom and brightens up the space. 

  • Origin 
  • Native to western Africa a fiddle leaf fig tree is found in abundance in a rainforest environment. In appearance it is very similar to a banyan tree and has branches that wrap themselves on another tree until they take over the host tree completely. 

  • Repotting 
  • Almost all fiddle leaf fig trees come potted. It is however recommended to transfer them to a more decorative planter to suit a specific decor scene.   

  • Styling
  • It is all about styling, when it comes to fiddle leaf fig trees. Although this plant makes a great statement on its own but by pairing it with another faux plant to augment the look with a modern touch. 

  • Spots
  • This is the difference between a real and a faux plant. So while choosing a faux fiddle leaf tree look for a more natural looking leaves and there is nothing wrong with a few spots. The spots may appear in various shapes, color, and size, so choose wisely. 

  • Trend setter
  • When it comes to setting a trend the fiddle leaf fig tree does not have to do much to appear trendy. It has been a go to plant and very popular when it comes to interior design. 

  • Versatile 
  • If your space needs a quick splash of versatility the fiddle leaf fig tree is the best solution. As they come in various lengths, which makes it perfects for any room. 

    Designers and homeowners alike love fiddle leaf artificial plants because of their scale, sculptural quality and because they work with a wide range of interior styles; from bohemian chic to industrial and minimalism.

    Arti Planto