Buying fresh plants brings with it a look but also a responsibility. Have you ever noticed plants immediately as they arrive home seem to start to lose their luster – it happens. Always a bit at a time. Faux plants never fade. For the transformative effect of fresh plants with the feasibility of long-term care, here are 10 benefits of faux plants in 2021 and why they’re better than real.


Does hay fever and/or allergies got you down – you can still have plants around, don’t worry! Artificial plants won’t trigger allergies. You won’t have to suffer through feeling down with faux plants set up about.

They Look Real

It’s hard to tell whether the best artificial plants in 2021 are real or fake. You could fool even a botanist. You’d be shocked at the detail put on some of these creations. The methods, designs, materials, and overall approach have come such a long way.

Year-Round Access

Silk plants can be kept around all year long. They aren’t a seasonal species that come around only during certain times. Keep bold, bright faux plants around 365 days a year and enjoy them indefinitely.

Wide Variety of Options

There are artificial plants and flowers in every color, every style, and every look imaginable. Anyone can find something that suits their personal aesthetic in the Artiplanto catalogue. Go creative and craft your own arrangement or indoor garden from your faves.

Same Mental Health Benefits

Real plants brighten up a person’s mood. As it turns out, multiple studies have shown us artificial plants do the exact same thing. An incredible benefit to having realistic-looking premium faux plants.


Some real plants are highly toxic to dogs and cats. The most beautiful varieties of artificial greenery’s non-toxic and pet-safe. They’re not even remotely deadly and won’t have the same devastating consequences as a real plant will.

They’re Cost-Effective

Fresh plants cost a fair bit. Those that don’t don’t live long. Then, add to that the cost of soil, planters, water, heat, and light that it takes to keep your plant alive. That’s a lot of money. While high-quality artificial plants don’t come cheap, the cost of replenishing these plants is non-existent.

Fill In Awkward Spaces

An artificial plant can be put anywhere, regardless of the light or climate conditions. Faux plants like this artificial evergreen potted plant don’t need warm temperature, natural light, or any special accommodations. They’ll survive anything. They look great in even the most unused, awkward corners of the room.

They Last Long

Faux plants last for years. Compare that to a real plant which always comes with an expiry date and one that’s usually closer than most prefer. No wilting. No discoloring. No stale smell of a struggling plant on its last legs.


In case you haven’t accounted for it yet, artificial plants are very low maintenance. No fertilizer needed. You don’t have to worry about pests or diseases. There’s not really anything to learn about how to take care of fake plants. The work is done.

Wake up to lively plants every day. Find the loveliest, realistic-looking faux plants in 2021 from Artiplanto. Discover the benefits yourself.

Andrew Lu