Lyla Artificial Floral Arrangement In Hanging Basket

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A sun’s yellow to brighten up a room! See these bumblebee-colored flowers poking out from amongst artificial greenery in a hanging basket. Premium-grade silk flowers preserve their authenticity and beauty indefinitely. Spruce up your living space and go wild.

  • Height – 1.1 ft (33.5cm)
  • Diameter - 11.8 inches (30cm)
  • Premium-grade silk flowers, luxe and expressive
  • Crafted by hand, able to be re-shaped at the stem
  • Careful capture of true-to-life detail
  • Fastens to a ceiling or hook with ease; takes up no space
  • Hanging basket included

You don’t have to put your artificial flowers in a vase to appreciate them! Put your floral arrangement in a hanging basket from ArtiPlanto. Order yours today.

How Do You Install A Hanging Basket?

A hanging basket can be hung from any secure hook. You can drill into your ceiling or alternatively, hang it from something else a la a curtain rod, standing coat hanger, or wall-mounted hook. There’s no shortage of options and due to its lightweight, an artificial floral arrangement in a hanging basket is very simple to hang.

What Are the Best Flowers For A Hanging Basket?

The most popular hanging flower basket flowers are selections like petunias, fuchsias, lobelias, million bells, lantanas, geraniums, begonias, and impatiens. They are generally big, bright, or vibrant in their design. This is what you want with a hanging basket – something that catches attention.

What Makes A Hanging Plant So Problematic?

You have to water it. You have to take care of it. A real flower arrangement or plant has to be maintained. A faux plant or artificial flower arrangement doesn’t. This is a key difference in deciding what kind of hanging plant is right for you.

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