ALOA Artificial Aloe Tree Potted Plant 20''


Pointy and rising vertically, this is your ultimate forever-green artificial aloe plant. From premium-made designs from trusted artificial botanical experts to being hand-painted with the most accurate detail, it’s like having the real thing! Even fans of real aloe plants won’t be able to differentiate. Fit this cute accent piece into your chic room with ease.

  • Dimensions – height is 20 inches and diameter is 27.5 inches
  • No fading stays fresh and lush in perpetuity
  • Real to the touch, designed with a keen eye on detail and realism
  • Vibrantly colored for the most natural look
  • Made from versatile, reliable materials for long-term use
  • Trendy décor piece you can fit anywhere

For elegant, detail-oriented artificial botanical designs, ArtiPlanto is the top name in North America. Instill your room with décor that communicates life, energy, and a pleasant mood. Suitable for every occasion and year-round use.

Are artificial aloe plants popular?

Faux aloe plants are incredibly popular and get used by everyone from home décor fans and interior design experts to homeowners. See them featured in homes, book stores, cafes, retail, offices, and more.

Can I use an artificial aloe plant in my office?

Of course, you can! A lot of commercial buildings welcome artificial plants. The look of an aloe plant represents creativity, positive mood, and productivity. Try having a faux aloe plant around you and see the impact it can on yourself. You have the look of a plant without the pesky pests, insects, allergies, and maintenance issues that come with it.

How do I take care of my faux aloe plant?

No daily maintenance is needed. The only thing you may want to do to clean your artificial aloe plant is to wipe away any dust it may gather over time. A feather duster or microfiber cleaning cloth is best. The less moisture used, the better. Even a warm cloth will work. Clear away any excess dirt, dust, or debris.

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