In a world full of very fake-looking faux trees and plants, a lot of businesses are looking for something a little more premium to put on display in their offices and workplaces. If you want to buy an artificial potted tree for your business, here are a few things to consider.

What You Are Looking For

There is no single definition of what an artificial tree looks like. You have Bird of Paradise trees, spathiphyllum trees, artificial ficus trees, and all the way up to large king-sized palm trees. Any of these or others are appropriate for a business.

Think about what you want to look like and how many faux trees you need. Then, go from there.

Where It’s From

If you buy a Walmart or IKEA fake plant, you can expect an IKEA-quality artificial plant. That’s alright. It’s not premium though. It’s not going to look superbly real. It’s going to look like a fake plant.

Try to buy a fake plant from a brand that truly specializes in the design and sale of faux plants.

Price Matters

Of course, with any business expense, price matters. You don’t want to overspend. You also don’t want to underspend. It will be very obvious if you do because you have a cheap-looking plant lacking in realism.

When it comes to price, compare and contrast between common brands while being aware costs are a primary difference-maker between low-quality and high-quality faux potted trees.

Buy Quality Over Anything Else

What you put on display in your business space reflects you and your business. Always buy quality, even if it costs a little extra or takes a little more time to arrive to you. Cheap signifies cheap. In business, you don’t want to be associated with cheap.

The keyword to look for is ‘premium artificial plants’. Find a brand that represents that and that’s a start.

How Tall You Need

Height matters. You don’t want an artificial potted tree that’s too tall. A lot of businesses don’t realize they can get away with plants and trees that are 5” and under yet choose to order far larger faux plants.

Be sure to measure out the space before to understand what artificial tree is best for your workspace.

Why Buy Online

Sure, there are lots of places to buy artificial plants in-store. Walmart, IKEA, Hudson’s Bay, Bouclair, Home Depot, and a lot of other retailers sell fake plants and trees. Although it’s certainly convenient to be able to go down and get an artificial plant whenever you like, we strongly recommend buying online instead. Here’s why.

When you shop online, you have way, way more options. You also have lots of specialty plant brands to look at who don’t have brick-and-mortar stores in your neighborhood. Also, online pricing is often better due to less overhead and shipping terms are very favorable.

If you are looking to buy an artificial potted tree for your business, shop with today. See faux trees at heights from 3” to 10” and higher, in all sorts of styles, including palms, spathiphyllum, and more. We have everything you need and are at the tippy-top in the premium faux plants category. Drop by to see what we mean.
Andrew Lu