Planters get tremendous attention for faux plants. Made from ceramic, brass, or other materials, planters look great. …but sometimes a basket works far better for what a plant parent wants to accomplish aesthetic-wise.

Baskets aren’t just for the market. There’s a lot of beauty in them, especially those that are handcrafted and made from natural materials.

Why baskets don’t get a lot of use with real plants is because they can degrade. When you put in an artificial plant, however, there is no moisture to them, no need to water, and no risk to your basket. It’s unlike to slowly fall apart unless you really don’t want to take care of it.

Here are a few reasons why baskets are better than planters as well as the benefits of basket planters for artificial plants and the like.

They’re Fairly Priced

Baskets are sometimes – though not always – less expensive than harder types of planters. Functional and inexpensive, they are a must-have for any home décor setup where you don’t want to spend a lot.

They Blend In

A basket planter can blend in with other baskets or natural materials in the room. If you have a basket carrying clothes, pillows, throws, or general items, so long as it’s the same material, you create some synergy when you put in a planter of the same type.

For Home Décor

For a long time, basket planters have been extremely popular in Scandinavian décor. In fact, they’ve only caught on in North America because of our fascination with minimalism and IKEA-esque Northern European trends in interior decorating.

Hanging Plants

If you have small décor artificial plants or hanging plants that are going to be suspended, a basket’s more lightweight and all in all a safer choice than a heavy planter. They put less stress across the mounted bracket or hook that supports it.

Baskets Feel Natural

Cement, brass, and other materials are manufactured in a facility. Even though a basket can be made similarly as well, they don’t necessarily look like they weren’t done by hand. Some baskets can look like they almost grew off a tree or were plucked from the ground. They have a very natural and organic look to them.

They Are Easier To Carry

A major benefit of a basket planter is that it has handles. It’s far easier to carry than a cement planter. If you have to carry a plant up the stairs or take it indoors after being outside for an occasion, a basket is also a much lighter weight compared to other planters.

They Fit Every Room

Some planters have a very clear aesthetic to them. With a basket kept fairly plain, there isn’t anything stopping you from putting it in your entranceway, hallway, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, living room, or wherever. It’s a very adaptable piece of décor and can work in a wide variety of styles. It’s a very popular gift planter for this reason.

At, we love basket planters. We also love cement planters, brass, floor planters, braided planters, seagrass planters, and more. If you’re looking for something stylish to put your faux plant in, check out our selection of dozens of premium-made baskets ready for order at
Andrew Lu