How to choose the best rug for your home comes down to a short list of key essential considerations.

Color and texture have to match, and size is important as well. Ignoring these, a homeowner or decorator can very easily end up with a rug that does not quite fit in with what’s already happening in the room.

Remind yourself this. A rug has to set the mood. This isn’t a decision that can be made independently of your furniture, paint colors, or décor options.

In home décor, resist the urge to veer into the unfamiliar. When in doubt, go with your gut. Aesthetics being what they are, the right rug for you ties into what else you have in the room, a room’s purpose, and more.

Here are some points to remember when evaluating rugs. It is our hope this helps to simplify the choice.

What Color Rug is Best?

Color and pattern are naturally one of the first things a buyer looks at when searching for a decorative rug.

Color should tie into the rest of the elements in the room, including furniture, lighting, and wall color. You will already have something of a guide here. The tones in these elements should be duplicated in selecting your rug.

Most homeowners and decorators choose a neutral-toned rug which is more easily placed among furnishings and matches a variety of décor styles.

This isn’t to say that bold patterns don’t work. They absolutely can. When choosing area rugs, bolder patterns can lift a room’s look. Just ensure it’s something you truly like as there’s a risk excessive boldness won’t fit.

What Textured Rug is Best?

Though you may not think of texture when considering a rug, it is important.

Texture adds depth and layers to a room. If a texture contrasts with other things in the room, interest is created. For example, a soft and heavily textured couch can benefit from a low-pile carpet.

The alternative is also true in matching a full, fluffy rug to a leather sectional or similarly smooth surface.

Matching textures isn’t generally recommended although if it looks good to you or if you’re experienced with décor, you may choose to take a chance.

What Size Rug is Best?

If you buy rugs online, an easy feature you don’t have to see in-person is size.

Size is relative to the room. Don’t be tempted to go too big or too small just because you like a pattern or price.

You want a rug that covers a seating or gathering area and which ensures a guest’s feet are touching the rug when seated. There are many examples online of a rug’s recommended size requirements are according to what’s in the room and what kind of room it is.

If a rug isn’t the right size, don’t be discouraged. Keep searching. There are 100s of rugs out there.

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