Are you looking to design an outdoor oasis you have always dream of then continue reading to let your imagination go wild and learn a few pro tips. We have some recommendations that will not only transform your front yard with the perfect curb appeal; but also help create an instantly welcoming environment for guests. Read on for our top roundup of breathtaking gardening and landscaping ideas that are a must try! 

Add versatility 

The best way to add some depth and a vibrant character to any landscape is by adopting some living architectural elements, this also helps to further enhance your curb appeal. It's not as difficult as it sounds, starting with some simple changes in the landscape, will go a long way to create a dream outdoor artificial plant oasis.

Climbing vines are a great way to help add some height. If that's too much then — Roses are a very versatile and classy, also they come in plenty of shades, varieties making them a great fit for anywhere.  

Enhance the outdoor experience

Gardening is a great way to distress and with adding simple low maintenance decorative plants like Succulents is a great choice. It may seem like there are not too many succulents to choose from but in reality many options out there. 

It's very easy to transform succulents using rocks, moss is a great way to add some detail to make them look realistic. Succulents are also a great way to make a bold statement by creating a living wall.  

Mix things up

If you are looking to add some instant colour to your landscape heaven choosing the right annuals and perennials is a great step. The most popular varieties include geraniums, mums, and impatiens. The real plants demand a lot of time and commitment, which makes it perfect to choose faux perennials. They are also a great way to add structure and texture.

Make a statement

Hanging plants are a great way to make a bold statement almost instantly. Some of the best ways to flaunt hanging plants is choosing a flamboyant planter that will further enhance their appearance. However as there are many options out there, choosing the right type of hanging plant is important. Air plant (Tillandisa), Bird’s Nest Fern (Asplenium nidus) are perfect plants to improve the curb appeal. 

There are so many ways to create an outdoor oasis! Pick the vibrant solution that works best for you. Take some ideas from our inspirations above and create your outdoor haven. 

Alexandru Popa