Decorating with area rugs from ArtiPlanto has with it lots of options, from the style of the handwoven rug to where it’s placed and how it’s used.

A modern, minimalist décor piece, area rugs provide a traditional, almost ancestral feel with updated aesthetics and color trends mixed in. Crafted by hand, they are a versatile item adaptable to both traditional and modern room styles.

Anyone unsure about how to use area rugs in home décor, consider these guidelines when selecting or placing a rug.

Color Patterns

An overly colorful rug will clash with furniture that doesn’t have the same color scheme.

Fortunately, a lot of area rugs made from skilled artisans and which are made by hand are traditional in the colors they use. A lot are faded and very reserved with their hues. The result is very artistic works that can be blended with as much old, classic, and vintage décor as with minimalist home décor.

Add Age into Home Décor

Buy an area rug and receive something that’s made by hand, showcasing culture, history, and age.

A lot of modern home décor spaces utilize very sleek designs, such as refurbished commercial spaces, converted warehouse spaces, industrial-style interior design, steel-framed glass, brick, or concrete.

Especially in major cities, it’s a great opportunity to add some age into these areas with handmade décor pieces such as an area rug. The look of age can pair nicely with industrial, cityscape aesthetics.

Take an Abstract or Artistic Approach

If you don’t want to focus on color, shift your view to the abstract shapes or artistry of an area rug.

There can be a spontaneity of area rugs that are great for rooms exhibiting a little more chaos and uniqueness.

A rug that’s partly asymmetrical, primitive, or folk art-esque will give clues on what other interior décor to include around it.

Area Rugs in A Formal Décor Style

Antique-style area rugs have been a part of traditional home decor for centuries. They’re a cultural necessity in some cases.

In North America, however, ‘traditional rooms’ are no more. What we do have are a variety of modern-contemporary looks and more formal spaces.

Consider pairing an area rug in a formal dining room. Alternatively, they work well in a leather-covered home office.

As you’ll find in crafting formal or professional home décor, contrasting formality with items traditional in design – like handwoven artisan rugs – work exceptionally well together.

Natural, Organic Home Décor

Ease your way into a simpler home décor style with a room that’s covered in more natural materials.

Think of earthy tones like brown, stone gray, water blue, and rusty oranges. These are often showcased in artisan rugs but they can also be brought out in the color of paint you use for a space and in the furniture you select.

More interior designers in recent memory are crafting spaces based on being in nature. Styles like Wabi-Sabi, eco-chic, and Nordic all exhibit a design philosophy of intuitive, relaxing, and natural choices.

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