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Article: Can You Use Faux Plants for Outdoors

Can You Use Faux Plants for Outdoors

Can You Use Faux Plants for Outdoors

Lively artificial plants have a reputation for being indoor plants.

After all, there’s a reason decorators and interior designers set them in offices, kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, and throughout a home.

Can faux plants be used outdoors though – there’s no reason they can’t. In fact, it’s incredibly common to have artificial plants outside.

Why Artificial Plants for Outdoors?

An empty, barren landscape with no color or charm. Nothing catches your eye. So you think a little greenery might do it some good.

You try to grow a small garden on it but are either turned off by the day-to-day commitments of caretaking or it doesn’t turn out like you had hoped. Plants fade. Plants die. The beauty of greenery isn’t always there.

Outdoor fake plants are your workaround. They capture the cheer, look, and color you want. Commercial and residential properties alike use faux plants outdoors to create appeal and excitement that lasts.

Spring through winter, artificial plants are always there. They sit flourishing regardless of the temperature, climate, or weather conditions. No effort and very little cost.

Where Can You Use Fake Plants?

You don’t have to have a skilled eye to have faux plants outdoors. They fit naturally in outdoor landscaping, on decks, around fencing, in backyards, and in commercial landscaping.

That said, not all artificial plants are made for outdoor use. Silk, polyblends, and plastics can be used – among other things – in crafting faux plants. Even premium-grade materials may not be prepared for the extreme weather conditions we sometimes run into outdoors.

A common complaint is that cheap fake plants fade and look worn over time. This is why a premium-level artificial plant is worth investing in.

Low-cost foliage, artificial plants, and artificial trees are likely to experience color loss from sun, wind, water, and snow. To keep your landscaping pristine season after season, ensure your artificial plants are made for outdoor use and that they come from a trusted name.

UV fade-resistance is something to look for. This is an indicator an artificial plant is made for outdoor use. If you have doubts, ask the brand that’s selling you your fake plant if it can be purposed outdoors.

Will Every Faux Plant Fade in the Sun?

Real plants can fade in the sun and so can faux plants for outdoors. It is something to watch for.

Fortunately, if there’s some sort of UV-resistant coating involved, this is the protection you want.

Most premium-grade artificial plants have some sort of UV blocking technology included in the design though not all do.

How to make fake plants last outdoors is simple. Monitor them. They don’t require any upkeep, however, weather’s a powerful thing. If you find they are starting to look faded, take them in. Normally, if they are UV-resistant, you shouldn’t have any trouble.

Find the best outdoor faux plants and trees from ArtiPlanto today. Order your favourites from designers in Montreal and New York. Have them delivered to your commercial space or household and then they’ll be ready to be put outside when you’re ready. Creating green-filled landscaping that catches the eye starts with a click!

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