Deck planters are the best way to get springtime flowers, herbs, growing plants, and artificial greenery outside.

Stylish, trendy planters range in size from those that can be put on tabletop surfaces to large planters that are heavy-duty and ready to hold plants as large as a tree.

Beyond the actual look, a deck planter has got to have the weight and capacity to handle a plant.

Just as wonderful a sight to see as the plant or tree it can hold, here are some of the best deck planters to put on your property this summer just in time to see the flowers bloom and the temperatures turn warm.

Braided Floor Planter

Braided floor planters are made from water hyacinth and other natural materials. They will degrade over time when exposed to moisture. In terms of an outside planter, they’re not the greatest but they look beautifully decorative.

Try a braided floor planter if you have adequate protection on your deck to guard it against storms, rainwater, and other unfavorable summer conditions.

Bamboo Floor Planter

Bamboo is a highly eco-friendly and stylish material that is growing amongst gardeners and artificial plant fans.

Bamboo floor planters are the go-to wood choice. Like with other planters on this list, bamboo comes in various shapes and sizes. There are some that are wide and horizontal-focused, and others that are slightly more vertical.

Cement Floor Planter

Any planter you put outside should have the weight to be able to hold up a tree or large faux plant without risk of it toppling over. Cement fits the bill.

Cement floor planters come in various styles, from singular cement to dual-color and colored cement. If it aligns with your personal style, we strongly recommend cement as it’s a material which nestles along nicely with any home aesthetic.

Seagrass Floor Planter

Seagrass is one of the most decorative deck planters anywhere. Place them near a fence or railing, or alongside the perimeter of a deck. This way, the material stays protected from both sunshine which may fade the color over the years and some rain.

A seagrass deck planter isn’t meant for newbies to deck plants. For experienced home décor fans, seagrass may be just the thing to help mix things up.

Brass Mid-Century Floor Planter

Brass mid-century planters are a perfect addition to any deck or porch. Large and reflective, they’re not only decorative but functional.

An unexpected choice over the traditional terracotta, brass is surprisingly color and very heavy-duty. Set in your best real or artificial tree, or a collection of plants. Of all the styles, brass is not considered enough.

Mushroom Mid-Century Floor Planter

A mushroom floor planter has a very specific look to it.

Though it can be made from various materials, bamboo is a go-to. It embodies that characteristic mushroom planter look. A mushroom’s double in width for its round top half and has an often thicker build yet smaller in diameter on its lower half.

Measure your area. Consider the look you’re going for. Figure out the plants you want placed atop your deck this summer. Certain trees, plants, and flowers of course look best in planters shaped in specific ways or made from specific materials. Buy the best deck planters this summer for your backyard from Artiplanto.
andrew lu