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Article: Benefits Of Artificial Greenery In Your Home

Benefits Of Artificial Greenery In Your Home

Plants aren’t just for aesthetics. They serve a real purpose in brightening up your home, from a mental health standpoint as well as in filling it with lively, organic color that’s hard to duplicate. Greenery in your home comes with an impressive list of benefits, even if what you’ve chosen is artificial in design.

Plants Are Beautiful

Make no mistake about it, plants are gorgeous. From their deep greens to their natural shape, they fill a room with the look of something that subconsciously a lot of us gravitate towards – the environment.

Reduce Anxiety And Stress

Even a small home décor plant has a tendency to reduce stress. Some studies suggest plants reduce anxiety in some people by up to 37%, in addition to lowering feelings of depression, hostility, and fatigue.

Reduce Your Noise

Although they won’t completely drown out sounds, plants do have a way of minimizing noise. Ambient noise that gets sent from your unit to your neighbor’s, i.e. if you live in a condo or apartment, can be reduced with greenery.

Promotes Focus

Scientific studies have proven again and again that artificial and real plants help us focus, concentrate, and prevent us from feeling fatigued. If you are working from home or want décor that’s going to lift your spirits, you’ve found it.

Enhance Creativity

Looking at nature and being with nature inspires the brain to relax, concentrate, and be creative. This, in combination with its ability to improve focus, is why more offices and commercial environments host artificial plants. A recent study supports this, suggesting the average person increases their creativity by 15% when they are looking at greenery.

Another Home Décor Opportunity

Having a plant indoors comes with another home décor decision to make. What planter you’re going to use. Planters, baskets, and vases are all possibilities, made from all sorts of materials and in all shapes and sizes. You can also make one at home if you like or modify a planter you buy online.

They Add Visual Intrigue

You don’t want your home to appear messy. A lot of ‘stuff’ can do that. The benefit of artificial greenery is that they carry a lot of visual interest without being overly busy or taking up a lot of space. Hanging plants. Tabletop plants. Etc. You can make a plant work in a home, even in a small space.

Plants Make Us Happy

No one complains about artificial greenery in their home. It’s all good news, for the most part. Plants, even those that aren’t real, make us happy. It may be a by-product of reducing stress, anger, and depression, or it may be something partially unconnected but for the majority of artificial plant owners, they’re happier people with their plants than they are without.

Human beings have an innate need to be in the presence of nature. Even when it’s faux, artificial plants still count. See these benefits and others when you start introducing fake plants to your home. Shop your favourites at today and add the ultimate touch of green!

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