Houseplants. A garden. A single tabletop plant to spruce up your bedroom or work-from-home office.

Items like these have been welcome home décor purchases throughout the over-1-year pandemic we are still in the throes of. Whether you have a green thumb or are looking for a houseplant look you don’t have to work for, there’s no denying the realism of faux plants.

Artificial plants go by many names. Fake plants. Silk plants. Etc. These essentially equate to the same meaning. They are all plants that are made from materials and which aren’t living or breathing. They do not need maintenance or daily care. They don’t need to be put in sunlight or watered. They don’t really need much of anything and they always look their best.

Why We Like Plants in Our Spaces So Much

A lot has changed for human beings over time. We used to live exclusively outside thousands of years ago. Then, as advancements were made and tech has now progressed so rapidly, it’s almost the other way around. We spend the majority – if not all – our time indoors.

Despite the need to remain indoors for various purposes, a lot of us still crave knowingly and unknowingly the experience of the outdoors. It feels freeing. It feels natural. As we bring plants indoors, it not only makes us feel these sorts of vibes but has been shown to have positive mental health effects, increases productivity at work, increases feelings of happiness, and elevates a space from a home décor perspective.

Do You Need A Faux Plant For Your Home?

A lot of us lead busy lives. We occasionally may forget to water a plant or may not even be available to do so.

For these people, a real-looking fake plant like a faux Bird of Paradise potted plant is exactly what they need.

Artiplanto offers premium, detailed, and handcrafted artificial plants available to ship countrywide. These aren’t cheap fake plants from the dollar store or Walmart. Those don’t remotely look like anything natural or real. Artiplanto boasts entire design teams that specialize in plant design and creation, using premium materials, natural detail from a microscopic perspective, and often will hand-paint the leaves.

For those that have a love of houseplants and home décor, artificial houseplants are a perfect addition to any space. Bedrooms. Offices. Kitchens. Dining rooms. Living rooms. Even your backyard can benefit from the placement of artificial plants, a la faux boxwood topiaries and similar designs.

When faux plants first came along decades ago, they often didn’t look too real. They were rightfully criticized for looking fake and were derided as a flash-in-the-pan that would inevitably disappear. The critics were partly right. Those plants did look fake as heck. Thanks to brands like Artiplanto though, we’ve specialized in offering detail-driven faux plants that have outlasted trends from years ago. When you don’t have the time and attention to care for real plants, Artiplanto makes it so that you can still enjoy a green aesthetic.

See 100s of faux plants in all varieties, types, heights, and match them to premium home décor accessories such as brass and cement planters, hanging planters, premium rugs, and more. Artiplanto has got it all. You’ve got to see it for yourself! What a handy website to find quality artificial plants from!

Andrew Lu