In the land of basement apartments, condos, small houses, and room-renting, one finds a bedroom can be made out of almost anything.

Though some are very spacious, most bedrooms have to be treated very economically with divides in how the space is to be used. How we decorate a bedroom has to be structured, capitalizing on the natural elements already present in a bedroom, a la bed, natural lighting, wardrobe, etc.

In terms of how to use faux plants in bedrooms, it’s very simple. Blend it in around the necessities.

Around the Bed

Chances are you’ve arrived at this article in some way because you love plants. Use that. A bedroom’s supposed to be a place for relaxing and leisure time.

Around your bed, consider ways to surround yourself with artificial plants in planters, hanging, nestled into corners, mounted to the wall, or even on the outer edges of the bed frame if the space allows.

Assign Yourself A Corner

For bedrooms where the bed is placed in the middle of the room or near this area, assign an unoccupied corner as your unofficial artificial plant garden.

This is where you can set up a corner table, build shelving for plants, have a light installed from above or a hanging plant, and more. Really invest in this part of the room, turning it all the way plant-friendly.

Small Garden on a Bedside Table

A bedside table is where we put our things like smartphones, glasses, books we read as we’re falling asleep, and similar essentials.

Use this bedside area to put a fake plant. For the more adventurous, they may try blending together a whole roster of plants mixing and matching in individual planters or a single large container.

Two Shelves, Top And Bottom

In a room where there isn’t a lot of space, consider mounting an artificial plant or building two shelves where upon your plants can sit.

A top shelf and a bottom shelf. They don’t have to be equal in length. Aim to set these up one over top of the other. This creates an intentional presentation where things like faux plants, photographs, and books can be put.

By the Windowsill

You don’t want to block out your windowsill with any large plants but a few tabletop-sized faux plants can look very natural here.

Just be careful if you have any pets as they could knock the plant off and crack your planter depending on what material it is made from.

Hanging Plants Above the Bed

A hanging plant makes for exquisite artificial greenery that can be positioned anywhere in a bedroom.

Perhaps where a hanging plant makes the most impact is right above a bed. This creates shadows, color, and a dynamic that can be very unique.

Faux Plants Surrounded By Mirrors

Mirrors magnify. Mirrors also create more space which can be advantageous in a small condo bedroom.

When you position your faux plants, set up a mirror around them or right behind. This will make a plant look larger than it is. For small indoor gardens, this is a fun illusion that’s often done in combination with small LED string lights to draw the eye to this part of the room.

Find indoor artificial plants for your bedroom at Artiplanto. Even a small bedroom benefits from faux plants!
andrew lu