Real plants can be a struggle to keep looking their best. From lack of water and moisture to temperature issues and/or not enough or too much sun, there’s a lot that can kill greenery. Fortunately, faux plants that look real exist!

Are you looking for the most realistic artificial plants to put in your home – check out these at Artiplanto.

Artificial Fiddle Leaf Plant

A handcrafted artificial fiddle leaf plant comes in a wide variety of sizes and is a common houseplant choice.

Though fiddle leafs are a high-quality plant in their natural form, the real thing is a challenge to keep alive. Buy a fake fiddle leaf plant and enjoy adjusting the branches and shaping them to whatever form you like.

Artificial Rubber Plant

A faux rubber plant or artificial rubber tree comes with all the detail in color, feel, and gradient that the real thing holds.

A rubber plant is a nice statement plant, perfect for a living room, bedroom, bathroom, or entranceway. The careful coloration of the leaves really brings out the true-to-life shapes and forms.

Artificial Fern Plant

There are many types of ferns and some are notoriously difficult to maintain. Try an artificial fern plant instead.

Save yourself the worry of wondering whether your plant is going to survive or not. Ferns are available that look full or light. Of course, with a fake plant, the stems can be bent to create a specific look as well.

Artificial Palm Tree Plant

Try out a little tropical paradise with this faux palm tree plant without the worry of accidentally killing one.

A totally artificial creation, a fake palm doesn’t need water, sun, or temperature. So easy!

Opting for a tropical look isn’t a radical choice, fortunately, as it’s very adaptable aesthetically. Palm trees and artificial palm plants are a go-to choice for people who want something that speaks to them of summer vibes.

Artificial Bird of Paradise Plant

A Bird of Paradise plant or tree has long characteristic banana-style leaves and is a beautiful decor addition.

No-fuss, no maintenance. A lifelike Bird of Paradise that is artificial will always look its best. Houseplants all eventually fade but investing in fake plants opens up so many avenues and arrangement ideas.

Artificial Dark Green Snake Plant

A sansevieria plant, aka snake plant, is succulent-style greenery that will have even your most experienced gardener fooled as to whether it is real or fake.

A snake plant is a fun way to bring in some natural in appearance but which you can still fully control with zero maintenance involved.

Hanging Plant

Artificial hanging plants offer up a bouquet of handpainted greenery that come down from a height.

Select the style of leaf you want. Pot them in a planter or don’t. Mix them together or keep separate. There is no shortage of options with hanging plants, especially when they don’t need any upkeep.

Find these 7 best artificial plants and so much more at Artiplanto. You don’t have to worry about sensitivities of any kind. Faux plants can live in any environment and will never die or outgrow a space. Visit Artiplanto to find the artificial plant that speaks to you.
andrew lu