It’s nice being somewhere that feels luxurious and expensive. It adds a little pep in your step and will put anyone in a good mood. If you’re somewhere that doesn’t do this for you, some small changes can make the world of difference.

Fake plants are a fine investment in self-care. They make a room feel more inviting. They often improve mental health symptoms, reducing stress, fatigue, anxiety, and depression. Plants are also highly individualized. There are hundreds of types of faux plants to choose from. Here are 7 fake plants that we think are the fanciest and that can help you pull off a more luxury home décor aesthetic.

Fake Flowers

An artificial bouquet of flowers with neutral tones of purple, pink, white, blue, and green is astoundingly fancy.

Placed in a nice royalty-esque planter, you can really brighten up a room in spring or summer with these season-appropriate fake plants. They also never wilt so you can put them in storage and remove them each season, always having them look sleek.

Faux Fern Plant

Make all of your dreams of a fancy room come true with a faux fern plant in a brass planter. Artificial ferns are very trendy right now but it’s really the planter that does the heavy lifting.

For a warm, tropical, breezy addition to your fanciest of rooms, a fern hits the mark. When combined with the right planter, your fern will look even more glorious and impressive. It’ll look more expensive than what it actually is.

Faux Hanging Plants

An artificial hanging plant is essentially just a lot of green on a string. A few of these placed in the right areas can make a room look extremely luxurious. Try one for the bedroom, kitchen, or main living room.

You can also turn almost any plant into a hanging plant by placing it in a basket or hanging planter.

Faux Eucalyptus Bouquet

A faux eucalyptus bouquet brings in beguiling English purple and green hues in a very organic presentation. If you love bouquets and are going for more flowery types of greenery over pure greens, try here.

This looks incredible in almost any vase and will keep your room looking something cozy and luxurious.

Artificial Bamboo Plant

An artificial bamboo tree plant is tall, fairly thin, and can be shaped to match the space you have in mind.

This is one of the larger fake plants on this list. Compared to tackier faux trees, the bamboo tree adds elegance and has a really interesting image. From the leaves to the stem, you can shape the wire to duplicate whatever silhouette you like.

Fake Succulents

A real-life succulent is fairly easy to maintain. Even so, they can get diseased and die. If this has happened to you, don’t worry. 

An artificial succulent comes with no struggle and is a fantastic addition inside of any room. From, the faux succulent looks real and will fool even the biggest succulent fan out there.

Artificial Bird Of Paradise Plant

A Bird of Paradise plant pops with a little orange color and long banana-like leaves at every corner.

If you’re really looking for a larger-than-average faux plant and something that’s going to fill its space well, a Bird of Paradise plant is a very fancy choice. It brings with it lots of style and handcrafted detail in every leaf.

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Andrew Lu