The dos and don’ts of fake plants in home décor are simple. As faux plants get more and more mileage as a home décor must-have this summer, here are 4 rules to remember for those that haven’t had the same experience designing with plants.

You’re Bringing Real-Life Nature Inside

Home décor trends today are centered on clean, uncluttered minimalism. Real-life nature invites inside pests, disease, and a sort of dirtiness that can shake up your space for the worse. An alternative, thankfully, exists.

Faux plants, like this artificial travellers palm tree, are real to the touch, designed by botanical experts, and don’t carry in the same risks of a real plant.

In using a fake plant, remind yourself that in order for it to look real, it’s got to have a realistic placement indoors. Ensure it’s near the sun or what would be a natural location for a real plant. Mimic natural conditions and the natural charm of your fake plant will be brought out.

Your Planter Should Match Your Theme

It’s not on the artificial spathiphyllum leaf plant to match your décor theme. It will fit in almost anywhere.

It’s on you to find the right planter to put it in. Presentation is everything. It may be called ‘greenery’ but you can put a faux plant in any planter you want. Brass. Concrete. Wood. Painted. Plain. Stained. Etc.

Find a fake plant that speaks to you. Then, spend time looking at what the right planter will be to suit your space.

Use Nature’s Materials To Support A Faux Plant

A plant like the faux Bird of Paradise plant looks amazing on its own. It can exist in a planter and will draw the eyes right to it. That’s not the only way to use a faux plant though.

Even with décor that’s centered on minimalism, in a planter or faux garden area, you can essentially create whole presentations that are eye-catching, luxurious, and very appealing. Elements from nature like running water, stones, or refurbished wood all emphasize a sort of naturalness. You can also use things like a rustic metal, glass, or similar materials to create something beautiful based around fake plants.

Have Variety Or Stick With One

Home décor rules for artificial plants divide up how you feature them into two main categories we haven’t fully explored in this article. You can choose to have one fake plant. For that, it’s the planter that’s going to do a lot of the talking for you in terms of how well a single plant fits in alongside your existing décor. Then, there are rules based around multiples.

If you have more than one artificial plant – two, three, four, or more – the main thing is to give it variety.

There are all sorts of faux plants, from artificial trees up to 10” high to tabletop plants, hanging plants, faux grasses, faux flowers, artificial boxwood topiary plants, and plenty more. Mix and match. Home décor doesn’t have to be so ‘arranged’ sometimes. With faux plants, unlike a growing plant, you can control the chaos and set them in a fixed long-term arrangement permanently undisturbed if you want them to be.

Find amazing and invigorating artificial plants on sale from Add them to your home décor with ease, using these rules as a way to discover the most natural way to feature artificial plants.
Andrew Lu